Residents Get Action on Dog Fouling in Stockport

Lib Dems listening to Residents and taking Action on Dog Dirt

Stockport’s Lib Dem Councillors have taken action to curb the menace of dog mess on Stockport’s streets.

Thousands of residents – including responsible dog owners who clean up after their dogs – have complained to the Lib Dem team through their Resident Surveys and summer door-knocking sessions about dog mess on Stockport streets.

To take action to combat the problem, Stockport Council has launched a new text message alert system to crack down on irresponsible dog owners.

If residents witness a dog owner failing to clean up after their dog they can text 07624 805 662 with information that will go directly to the Dog Warden so that immediate action can be taken.

Users of the service should text the following so that action can be taken:

  • Specific date and time of dog fouling 
  • Specific location of the fouling
  • Brief description of dog and the owner
  • The name of person texting (if they are willing to provide this)

Senior Councillor Sue Derbyshire urged residents to use the service whenever they witnessed irresponsible owners.

“This menace is something that comes up time and time again in our conversations with residents, and we want to give people the power to do something about it. Residents can text the service whenever they come across dog fouling not being cleaned up so the Council can take swift action.”

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