Ann Smith Fights Threat to Davenport Rail Service

Residents are responding well to Ann's petition
Davenport’s Lib Dem Councillor Ann Smith has written to residents in Davenport about her campaign to stop a proposed reduction of the service at Davenport train station.

Users of the station have a train every half an hour to either Manchester Piccadilly or Buxton between Monday and Saturday.

But Labour-run Transport for Greater Manchester has proposed reducing the service to Davenport on the Piccadilly-Buxton line to one train per hour in an effort to increase the speed of the service to Buxton.

This is despite residents of Davenport, Cale Green and Shaw Heath using the service more and more, with numbers of users of the station growing by more than 89% since 2005.

Local residents have been critical of Davenport’s Labour Councillor, David White.  They are asking what the Reddish-based councillor has been doing on the issue of the reduced service as he sat on Greater Manchester transport committees until recently.

Ann has written to Davenport residents saying that she is going to fight the proposals. She has initiated a petition residents can sign to make sure their voice is heard and that TfGM knows that the station is well used by local residents.

“If residents sign the petition I can show Transport for Greater Manchester that enough residents care about the service, and we will have a better case to stop our service being cut,” said Ann.

Residents who want to have their say can e-mail their contact details to and their names will be added to the petition.

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