Bollard Result for Ann

Ann has secured the bollards requested by Davenport residents

Davenport Councillor Ann Smith has written to residents in Davenport about the bollards recently installed on Kennerley Road.

The bollards are designed to stop drivers parking on the pavement near the junction with Bramhall Lane.

Residents contacted Ann because of the problems caused when some people parked on the pavement near the junction.

It made it difficult for residents in this part of Davenport to turn into the road, and had become a real inconvenience to a lot of people in the area.

“I am pleased action has been taken by the Council. I hope this will improve passage on the road and ease local congestion,” said Ann.

“I will continue to work for solutions to buses and other heavy vehicles that use the road and will update residents through our regular issues of FOCUS.”

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