Welcome to the City of Stockport?

First Class Stamp for a First Class Borough – can we make it a City?

Stockport’s Lib Dem Council has launched an ambitious bid to promote Stockport to ‘City’ status.

With a population of more than 284,600, Stockport is bigger than cities like Derby and Sunderland.

Lib Dems on the Council feel it is about time Stockport got the recognition it deserves, but critics of the bid claim the bid is a distraction we can’t afford.

But if successful, the potential income to the ‘City of Stockport’ could be half a BILLION pounds.

And the cost of the bid was just a 250 page report and 50 photographs, with a first class stamp to post the report.

“We’re proud of Stockport and we think we have what it takes to achieve City status,” said Sue Derbyshire.  “But some Labour and Tory councillors seem to have such low opinions of Stockport that they act as if they hope the bid will fail.”

Expressions of support have come in from not only all over Stockport and elsewhere in the UK, but even from elsewhere in the World with dignitaries from France, China and Sri Lanka that have visited the area all supporting city status.

The mayor of Heilbronn, in Germany, said that Stockport was “an exciting place of contrasts,” with “bustling modern shopping and leisure centres, its unique heritage attractions, and flourishing business and economy.”  He said that the could not imagine a more suitable candidate for City status than Stockport.

Stockport Council leader Dave Goddard said “This is a big opportunity for Stockport. We will use this bid to make everyone proud of Stockport. And we will make sure that costs are kept to an absolute minimum. The bid will put Stockport on the national and international map. We want as many people as possible getting involved – as the support we have had so far has been overwhelming.”

You can see more on the bid on the relevant section of Stockport Council’s website and discuss the bid with the local team on our contact page.

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