Labour’s Attack on Stockport Criticised by Sue

Manor Councillor Sue Derbyshire has slammed Stockport Labour for misleading local residents.

The criticism comes after a Labour councillor distributed a leaflet in Manor ward claiming that there had been no new houses built in Stockport.

This is despite people moving into new homes on Bideford Road this summer – right in the heart of his own ward!

Homes on Bideford Road Labour claim don't exist

The same councillor wrote to the Stockport Express describing Merseyway as a “Ghost Town”.

But again the facts tell a different story.

Merseyway has experienced a 20% growth in footfall since the opening of the new Primark store, outpacing the national average.

Mark Rawstron, senior Director of  Managing agent GVA told Insider magazine that “The town centre is actually bucking regional and national trends as footfall is up and vacancy rates are lower than average.”

“There’s a very strong story to be told about the town centre,” he said.

While the Council is working hard to ensure Stockport’s town centre recovers from the recession, Labour’s ‘rock throwing’ strategy has helped no one.

“There is nothing wrong with showing pride in Stockport,”  said Sue Derbyshire.  “But instead, Labour councillors present the town as somewhere no one would want to live or do business in.”

“This is a policy that helps no one when everyone else in Stockport is working hard to get our town back on track.”

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