Lib Dems Secure Stockport Post Office Future

Sue and Jenny at Hempshaw Lane Post Office
Councillor Sue Derbyshire with Jenny Humphreys outside Hempshaw Lane Post Office - now safe from closure after Lib Dem action in Government

There will be no more Post Office closures in Stockport after a Lib Dem Government Minister secured a ten-year deal between the Post Office and the Royal Mail.

Manor Councillor Sue Derbyshire – a long-standing campaigner against Post Office closures – hailed the new deal as “a very welcome move” that will safeguard the future of the Post Office.

The deal, announced in January by Lib Dem Business Minister Ed Davey, will give additional certainty to subpostmasters across the UK and covers the full range of Royal Mail products available at post offices – such as first and second class post, parcels, air mail, recorded and special deliveries.

“The new national deal will end Labour’s shameful Post Office closure programme, which saw more than 7,100 Post Offices disappear in their 13 years in office.” said Sue.

“After years of Post Office closures under Labour, it is excellent news that Liberal Democrats are doing the right thing by ensuring that the Post Office has a sustainable future ahead of it.”

“The news that Hempshaw Lane Post Office is safe is great news for local people,” said Sue. “The other two local post offices serving Manor Ward were closed under the last Labour Government.”

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