Residents vote YES to Lib Dem Woodbank Plan

Manor's Lib Dem team have been fighting for the consultation of residents

Manor councillor Sue Derbyshire and her Lib Dem team have thanked residents for backing a Lib Dem plan to let a local charity use the former nursery site in the park for fruit and veg production.

Stockport Council asked Electoral Reform Services to carry out an independent poll of 8,084 residents in a designated area near Woodbank park.

Residents were asked the following question:

There is a proposal that the site of the former Woodbank nursery is to be used by a not-for-profit organisation. The proposal involves the growing of market produce by a charity which supports people who are in recovery from alcohol problems. Is this proposal acceptable to you?

Yes, I would accept this proposal


No, I would not accept this proposal

A total of 61.8% (1,535 people) voted Yes and 38.2% voted No (947 people), with 35 votes invalid.

As well as the independent poll, a wider consultation was carried out with park users and Friends of Woodbank Park on a range of issues including the question about the future of the nursery site.

The consultation with Friends of the Park received 34 responses. The question about the proposal for the nursery site received 76.5% responding Yes and 23.5% responding No.

In face-to-face interviews in the park, 214 visitors were asked a series of questions and in relation to the proposal for the nursery site, a total of 83.6% said Yes and 16.4% said No.

The next stage is for more work to be carried out on the development of the not-for-profit organisation which will be responsible for this project, and in particular their relationship with the Friends group for the park.

“This is a great result for the park which will get new investment as a result of this vote,” said Sue.  “But also for this excellent charity that helps rehabilitated ex-addicts with practical skills, at the same time as providing a market for fruit and veg that is much cheaper than elsewhere – helping local families put off by supermarket prices.”

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