Labour Betray Young People

Sue was astonished that Labour prioritised a Heatons club with 400 members over Stockport's apprentice scheme

Local Councillor Sue Derbyshire has criticised local Labour councillors for voting on a Tory plan to spend £750k of local money on a sports club in Heaton Moor.

Labour kept their own budget plans secret, but Labour councillors did vote with Tories from the Heatons to divert £750k of local money to a sports club with just 400 members.

Sue said “this £750k Labour wanted would have come from wards such as Manor, and from vital local services throughout Stockport.”

One project that would have been lost if the Tory/Labour proposal had succeeded is the excellent work being done to establish a Construction Academy and to help unemployed young people get into apprenticeships.

Manor’s former Labour Councillor Patrick McAuley slammed the vote:

“I am absolutely furious to be honest. To vote for a Tory budget and against getting people on the jobs ladder to win a few votes in the rich areas of the Heatons is not just a disgrace, it is sick.”

“I will never forgive Labour’s betrayal and treatment of those young people.”

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