Ann Smith Praised forHelping Davenport Commuters

Ann has been praised for her work in helping secure Sheffield stands for local rail stations.

Work from local Councillor Ann Smith means that Hazel Grove rail station is to get 50 secure cycle spaces, to be provided by a special Government grant.

Hundreds of residents in Davenport and Cale Green ward use Hazel Grove station for commuting around the North West and beyond.  Ann has been fighting for extra capacity for cycle spaces so local residents can cycle to Hazel Grove station in confidence.

Sheffield stands (pictured) will be installed at Hazel Grove as well as cover, lighting, CCTV and swipe card access.

Craig Wright, Stockport’s representative on the Transport for Greater Manchester Committee, praised Ann’s campaign work, saying “This has only happened as a result of the persistence of Kevin Hogg, Wendy Orrell and Ann Smith.”

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