Car Crime Stockport

Helping Residents Avoid Car Crime

Car Crime Stockport
Helping residents spot the things car theives look for

A car seized from a criminal under the Proceeds of Crime Act (pictured) was used by Stockport’s Safer Stockport Partnership (SSP) togive local residents insights into the minds of potential car thieves.

The car was parked in Mersey Square displaying the sticky ring left by a stolen sat nav on the windscreen, a lap top on the floor of the car, loose change, a mobile phone, sunglasses on the dashboard and window partially wound down.

The partnership consists of the Police, the Council and Greater Manchester Fire Service, and arranged the display to make people aware that most vehicle crime takes place where valuables are on show and the car is insecure.

Councillor Mark Weldon Stockport Council’s Executive Member for Supporting Communities, said: “Crime has fallen in Stockport for the 8th consecutive year and we are committed to reducing it even further. This event was a great way of getting the message to residents about how to avoid becoming a victim of vehicle crime. Taking simple measures such as removing valuable items from vehicles and ensuring vehicles are locked with the windows fully up will reduce their chances of becoming a victim of crime.”

Chief Inspector Leon Jacobs of Greater Manchester Police’s Stockport Division, said: “People can take some really simple steps to protect their property, such as parking in secure or well-lit areas wherever possible. They should also close all windows, use a steering lock and remove all valuables, especially sat navs and their mounting cradles. All doors should be locked and the immobiliser activated if you have one.

“It is a good idea to register valuables at and to security mark them with your postcode and house number or vehicle registration number.  Motorists should also keep a record of the make, model and serial number of such items. Finally, car keys should be kept hidden at home and away from doors and windows to prevent hook-and-cane thefts.”

This event launched an extensive crime prevention campaign in Stockport to help prevent vehicle crime. Other activities taking place over the summer include:

·     Distributing Safer Licence plate kits to local residents to secure licence plates and prevent their theft

·     Talking life-sized cardboard cut-outs of Police Officers in foyers of stores with large car parks reminding people to remove their valuables and secure their vehicles.

·     Posters and leaflets with crime reduction advice placed in community buildings and handed out at events.

To find out more about how to prevent your vehicle being targeted by thieves, visit or call 0161 474 3143.

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