Ann takes Forced Adoption Crusade to Stockport’s Airwaves

Ann Smith Radio call in
Ann pushes her campaign for justice on Stockport’s Pure Radio

Ann Smith is campaigning for an official government apology for the policy of forced child adoptions in the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s.

These forced adoptions took place because of social pressure on women who had given birth to children outside of marriage.

To make things worse, no information was provided to many of these women about any support that existed that might have prevented the forced breakup of their families.

Now Ann is taking part in a campaign to get a government apology about the practices, and took her campaign to the airwaves on Stockport’s Pure Radio.
“An apology won’t reverse the past,” Ann told listeners, “but women who had children outside of marriage were often stigmatised and then ignored.  An apology can go some way toward helping the children and parents who were victims of this practice.”

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