Bridgehall Primary OFSTED GOOD

Bridge Hall School wins ‘Good’ Status from OFSTED

Bridgehall’s local Lib Dem team have praised the work of Bridgehall Primary school after it was promoted to ‘GOOD’ status by school watchdog OFSTED.

The school had previously been categorised as ‘satisfactory’ following inspections in 2008 and 2011.

But after the inspection at the end of February, school inspectors decided the school had improved to such an extent it was now ‘GOOD’ – just one place behind the highest possible assessment.

Ann Smith, who lives near the school on Sandpipers, is on the school’s board of governors and has seen for herself first hand the transformation of the school.

Ann said “I think I can speak for most people on Bridgehall and Sandpipers that the improvement of the school is a real reason for pride in our area.”

Bridgehall Primary OFSTED GOOD

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