Stockport teenager removes his own graffiti

Before and after his cleanup of his own graffiti
Before and after the graffiti cleanup from a graffiti culprit

A Stockport teenager cautioned by Greater Manchester Police for graffiti offences has removed his graffiti himself.

The formal police warning was followed by intervention from Stockport Council’s Youth Offending Service. The intervention can involve restoration to the victim to repair any harm caused by the offence.

The young person agreed to complete ‘restorative justice’ by removing the graffiti from the skate park at Woodford Recreation Ground.

Councillor Stuart Bodsworth, Executive Member for Communities and Sustainability, said: “The graffiti removal allowed the young person to turn a negative situation into a positive. He said that it made him realise how difficult it was to remove the graffiti and that it would change his behaviour in the future.”

“Graffiti is an illegal practice. It spoils public and private property and can be very costly to remove. The Council’s enforcement team works closely with the Youth Offending Service and the police to tackle incidents of graffiti to keep Stockport an attractive place to work, visit and live.”

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