Stockport’s Lib Dem budget secures record investment and council tax freeze

Stockport Liberal Democrats last night secured their budget for 2015/16 which freezes council tax, protects key services and will see record investment in the borough. Neither Labour nor the Conservatives proposed any amendments.

Speaking after the Budget Council Meeting, Cllr Sue Derbyshire, Liberal Democrat Leader of the Council, said:

“I am delighted that we have been able to set a balanced budget for the year ahead and, unlike many councils, without closing any libraries or parks. We are transforming council services to ensure we achieve the best outcomes with the money available, a task started back in 2009 when the then-Labour government told us about the cuts that were coming.

“Again we have been able to deliver a Council Tax freeze while setting out the largest programme of capital investment the borough has ever seen. Continued redevelopment of Stockport Exchange and the new Redrock development at Bridgefield sit alongside significant investment in our roads and public transport.

“We continue to work hard to ensure Stockport is a place people choose to live, work
and set up business in.”

Cllr Iain Roberts, Liberal Democrat Deputy Leader, said:

“It was disappointing that no other party offered an alternative budget or anyamendment to the Liberal Democrat proposals. Tory members were keen to say they supported our budget, while telling us our proposals were flawed, yet they had no alternatives to offer.

“Labour just attacked having any budget cuts at all, even though Ed Balls is proposing even more cuts if Labour win in May. We can only speculate why Labour failed to present an alternative budget.”

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