The most important 10 minutes this year

VoteRemainStockport Liberal Democrats are encouraging residents to vote Remain in Thursday’s European referendum.

Liberal Democrat Group Leader, Cllr Iain Roberts, said: “According to a YouGov poll, most people in Stockport are voting Remain. Local residents constantly tell me that we need good jobs, safe streets, a well-funded NHS and to protect the environment. All of these are at risk if we vote to leave Europe.

“I’m passionate that we stay in Europe, because that’s how we can tackle our most important problems – through a strong economy that can pay for the NHS, and international co-operation to tackle complex challenges.

“Being in Europe keeps many jobs safe and brings more investment into Britain. It also helps us in simple every day ways, for instance cutting mobile phone roaming charges and making sure we have access to medical care while on holiday.

“It’s not just the Liberal Democrats saying this. Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis, the Governor of the Bank of England, the Conservative Home Secretary Theresa May and Labour’s Angela Eagle have all pointed out the risk to the economy and jobs if Britain leaves Europe.”

Cllr Roberts added: “Martin Lewis in particular has given a very good, well balanced summary of the issues on his Money Saving Expert blog. His conclusion is that the risks of Brexit are too high and that we are better off voting Remain. This is why your vote next week is crucial. The decision you make next Thursday will shape our country for years to come. “

We only have one chance – please make plans now for what time of day you will vote. You can vote at your usual place from 7am to 10pm and you don’t need to take your polling card.

If you want to read more, Martin Lewis’ blog can be accessed here.

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