Lib Dems welcome 5,000 new members

The Liberal Democrats have welcomed the 5,000 new members who have joined the party since Friday – more than a thousand a day.

“Stockport voted to Remain and the Lib Dems led the campaign. We’ve been inundated with support since the referendum,” said Cllr Iain Roberts, leader of the Lib Dems on Stockport Council.

“The Lib Dems are the only party committed to a future for Britain at the heart of Europe. While the two big parties fight over who should lead them, we are fighting for a caring, compassionate and outward-looking Britain, whether or not we are part of the EU.”

Nationally the Liberal Democrats have announced that they will fight the next election with a manifesto commitment to take a pro-European approach.

Leader of the Liberal Democrats, Tim Farron MP, said: “Naturally we respect the result of the referendum, but Brexit will hit livelihoods, homes and jobs. As the Brexit camp renounce their promises on the NHS and immigration before the slogans have even been peeled off their battle bus, it is now clear that the British people were told lie after lie.

“We have always believed our economy and place in the world is stronger in Europe and it is only right that we offer that as a choice to people at the next general election – whenever that might be.”

If you agree with us, why not join us? You can do so here.

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