Stockport Councillors re-affirm Pledge to Oppose Discrimination

hands-of-all-racesAt the Full Council Meeting last night, Group Leaders agreed to reaffirm the Pledge to Oppose Discrimination in Stockport first signed in April 2014.

Cllr Iain Roberts, Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group, said: “I am proud that under Liberal Democrat control, and in the face of increasingly divisive campaign methods being used by some extremist groups at the time, the then Group Leaders all signed up to our pledge in 2014.

“In the light of the tragic death of MP Jo Cox during the EU Referendum campaign, and in the light of the reports of an increase in racially motivated hate crimes following the result, we are proud that Stockport Councillors will re-affirm the pledge through the current Group Leaders signing up to it once again.

“As the Group Leaders said two years ago, Stockport Council has always been a beacon for democracy and freedom of political expression. There can be no place in our democratic process for those who seek to incite or encourage racial hatred, prejudice and discrimination between others, whether that is done blatantly or covertly. This message is especially important as we work through the consequences of Brexit.”

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