Stockport Lib Dems concern at yet another delay to school funding reform

School SignHaving suffered years of underfunding, Stockport Lib Dems are concerned at the announcement this week that the Conservative government’s plan to introduce a new funding formula for schools has been delayed for yet another year, to 2018/19.

Speaking about the delay, Cllr Mark Weldon, Lib Dem spokesperson for Education, said: “The current formula massively disadvantages school children in Stockport and has done so for many years. Across the country the funding gap between the best and worst funded schools was almost £2m. Some schools get as much as £6300 per pupil whilst others get as little as £4200.

“In his announcement of this policy during his Autumn budget statement last year, George Osborne said there would be winners and losers when a fairer formula is announced. Now the government is saying that no school will lose funding. Schools need to know what funding is available to them so that they can plan for the future of our education system.”

Cllr Lisa Smart, Lib Dem spokesperson for Reform and Governance, said: “The Conservatives have been campaigning on this issue locally and making much of the unfairness of the current system. Now they announce that they will be continuing the unfair system for yet another year whilst also cutting budgets in real terms. Per-pupil funding will be frozen for 2017/18 and schools will have extra costs to meet, such as higher pensions contributions for staff.

“This uncertainty and this continued unfairness is simply not acceptable. We call on the government to get on with implementing a fair system which will enable our schools to deliver better outcomes for children across Stockport.”

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