Concern at Stepping Hill Hospital patient and visitor car park fees hike

Stepping HillLiberal Democrats are deeply concerned by Stepping Hill Hospital plans for huge increases to car park fees for patients and visitors. These changes have been quietly slipped out on the hospital’s website and show as taking effect from the 1st September.

Patients parking up to 2 hours will pay £3.50 – a 40% hike. Those who park for more than 2 hours will pay 33% more than at present. The price for parking for more than 4 hours will increase to £8.

Cllr Lisa Smart, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Spokesperson for Hazel Grove and Councillor for Bredbury Green and Romiley said: “The NHS should be free at the point of delivery. We acknowledge that the hospital is facing a financial crisis but this is asking patients and visitors to plug the gap in NHS funding. The NHS should be properly funded from general taxation, reflecting the increasing costs and demand they face. The increase will mean Stepping Hill Hospital will have one of the highest hospital parking fees across Greater Manchester.”

Cllr Mark Weldon, Liberal Democrat Councillor for Stepping Hill said: “Residents who live near the hospital already suffer from their roads being parked up by hospital staff and visitors. These price hikes, along with higher staff parking charges, will make the situation even worse. It is disappointing that the hospital didn’t mention any of these increases at the recent public meeting about parking I organised with local residents.”

Details of the increases to parking charges can be found on the Stockport NHS Foundation Trust website here.

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