Lib Dems celebrate election success and record membership

by-election-winsThe Liberal Democrats are celebrating an amazing run of by-election wins that has seen the party take more seats than all the rest put together.

Since May 2016, the Lib Dems have gained 18 seats in local by-elections and lost none. The Tories have a net loss of 11 seats with Labour down 3 and UKIP down 2.

The Lib Dems have won seats across the country from both Labour and the Conservatives.

The victories have gone hand-in-hand with a massive increase in Lib Dem membership to over 80,000  – higher than at the peak of the Iraq war protests.

“With Labour becoming a pressure group more interested in internal fighting than taking on the Tories, it’s the Lib Dems who are offering the real opposition to the Conservative government.” said Cllr Iain Roberts, Leader of the Liberal Democrats on Stockport Council.

New members can join the Liberal Democrat family here.

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