Lib Dem concern at hospital parking fee confusion

Stepping HillStockport Liberal Democrats have received complaints from residents that the NHS website has out of date information about parking charges at Stepping Hill Hospital, which has caused them inconvenience.

Cllr Laura Booth, Lib Dem spokesperson for Health issues, said “We have had complaints from residents that the NHS website is several months out of date. They have used this to check how much change is needed to park at the hospital, only to find that the charges have gone up. Stepping Hill Hospital’s own website is correct, and we are calling on the NHS to ensure they are giving the right information to hospital users.”

Cllr Lisa Smart said “The Conservative Government is underfunding our Health Service and this is just the latest symptom of a very serious, long term condition.”

Residents have also reported a sharp rise in street parking in the areas around the hospital, making it hard for them to park in their own street and even leaving some unable to access their driveways.

Cllr Mark Weldon said: “This is exactly the situation I was trying to avoid when I invited a manager from the hospital to a resident’s meeting with me over the summer. Once again I call on the hospital to take seriously their responsibilities as a corporate neighbour and to work constructively with us to try to help residents regain peaceful enjoyment of their own parking areas.”

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