“Hand back £2 million”, Liberal Democrats tell KPMG after Stepping Hill failure

Stepping HillThe Liberal Democrats are calling on consultancy firm KPMG to hand back £2 million they’ve received for failed work to cut the deficit at Stepping Hill Hospital.

“KPMG were paid more than £2 million to cut Stepping Hill’s deficit to £6 million,” said Cllr Laura Booth. “We now know the extent of their failure. Instead of leaving a £6 million deficit, Stepping Hill will be a massive £15.6 million in the red.”

“It is unacceptable that KPMG are being rewarded for failure. They should hand that £2 million back to the NHS to be spent on treating patients.”

The Liberal Democrats have discovered that KPMG plans to sell off part of the Stepping Hill Hospital site were shelved after they realised it wasn’t worth as much as they thought. Other proposed savings have failed too. KPMG wanted the hospital to lose 350 staff, but just 45 have been offered voluntary redundancy.

“The approach KPMG has taken at Stepping Hill has been amateurish at best, in my opinion,” Laura said. “We want this wasted money repaid and we want to know how KPMG came to be making these decisions for our hospital in the first place.”

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