Stockport school safety scheme to come to Budget Council meeting

  • Lib Dem proposal will see new traffic wardens employed
  • Aim is to boost safety around schools
  • Plan is for money raised from fines to cover the cost

Stockport Liberal Democrats are proposing to boost the number of traffic wardens across the borough, and are targeting dangerous parking around schools.

The scheme will see Stockport Council employing more traffic wardens, with their cost being covered by the fines they bring in.”

“We believe the Council can do more to protect children around our schools, and to enforce parking rules right across the borough,” said Cllr Laura Booth, who is herself disabled since childhood after a serious road traffic accident outside school.

“Our plan is simple: as long as the money coming in from fines covers the cost of the traffic wardens, we should keep on employing more. That means safer streets without costing taxpayers a penny. It’s those parking illegally who’ll be paying.”

“As councillors, we get complaint after complaint after complaint about illegal and dangerous parking,” said Cllr Iain Roberts. “Honest drivers are quite rightly angry when they see others getting away with flouting the law. More traffic wardens will make a real difference.”

The Lib Dem scheme, is being proposed at the Budget Council meeting on 23rd February as an amendment to the ruling Labour group’s budget.

If passed, the proposal will see the Council initially employ two new traffic wardens, with more being taken on when we know the fines being raised are covering the cost of those first two.

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