Stockport Lib Dems call for “dignity bags” in our schools and colleges to counter ‘period poverty’

In a motion to be discussed at the Full Council meeting on 18th October, Stockport Liberal Democrats are calling for a “dignity bags” scheme to operate at secondary schools and colleges across the borough so that young women can be assured of access to sanitary products.

Cllr Lisa Smart, proposer of the motion and Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group, said: “It is a scandal that, in a country as rich as Britain, ‘period poverty’ is an issue.  Research shows that young women are embarrassed about periods and those in low-income families in particular can feel unable to ask their parents or carers to buy the sanitary products they need as they are yet another expense. 

“Whilst in an ideal world there would be universal free provision of sanitary products, we feel an appropriate starting point is to provide them free of charge to young women in our schools and colleges.”

Cllr Mark Hunter, seconder of the motion and Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group, said: “All the evidence is that young women from poorer families are likely to miss school as a result of not having access to sanitary products.  The simple change of making sanitary products available free of charge in schools and colleges could help more of these young women achieve better learning outcomes and have a much brighter future.”


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