Liberal Democrats make huge gains at local elections

Following outstanding electoral success last Thursday evening, Cllr Mark Hunter, Leader of the Liberal Democrats at Stockport Town Hall, said:

“What a terrific night Liberal Democrats, across the country but particularly in Stockport. We won ten of the twenty one seats up for election, the largest of any single party and, in the process, took back every seat the Tories took from us in 2015. We are now level on seats with Labour and have more seats to gain next year. I’d like to pay tribute to all of my colleagues for their efforts across the borough and I hope they share my pleasure that we have been so well rewarded at the ballot box.

“Our thoughts now turn to who runs the council as we are now on level pegging with Labour and gained by far the largest share of the vote across Stockport as a whole. As reported in the local press, negotiations have started and will need to be complete in time for the Annual Council Meeting on 21st May. The real work in making Stockport a better place to live and work continues.”

Cllr Lisa Smart, Liberal Democrat Deputy Leader, added: “These elections have been a huge blow for the Tories and they look set to experience a further rejection by voters in the forthcoming European Elections. I hope local voters who supported the Liberal Democrats on Thursday and who, like us, want to stop Brexit will vote for us again on 23rd May.”

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