Stockport Liberal Democrats call for action on engine idling

Liberal Democrats on Stockport Council are proposing a motion to bring forward plans for No Idling Zones across the borough, particularly near schools, to try to improve air quality.

Speaking ahead of publication of the motion, Cllr Colin MacAlister, Liberal Democrat councillor for Marple South and High Lane, Shadow Cabinet Member for Regeneration, and mover of the motion, said: “All of the evidence shows that we need to improve air quality, particularly around our schools. For example, contract school buses often sit with their engines running whilst waiting for the school day to end, pumping harmful gases into the environment. Car drivers need to play their part too.

“We need action by the council and Transport for Greater Manchester to educate people through a proper public awareness campaign, and this needs to be backed by fair enforcement measures.”

Cllr Becky Senior, Liberal Democrat councillor for Marple North and seconder of the motion, added: “The problem is not just around schools. There are lots of public spaces like railway stations where taxis, for example, habitually leave their engines running for extended periods. We are asking for officers to do a comprehensive assessment of where No Idling Zones should be introduced across Stockport to have the most impact and to then deploy the existing civil enforcement officers and the anti-social parking camera car to enforce them.

“We hope that this non-partisan motion will be welcomed by and gain support from all parties across the council chamber when it is debated next week.”

The text of the motion can be read here. It will be debated at the Full Council Meeting on Thursday 12th September.

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