Where are our extra police officers?

Last year, as part of the Council tax increase, local residents were promised much needed additional Police officers by Labour run Stockport Council. Now, as concerns over rising crime continue, people are starting to doubt Labour’s promises and are asking what has happened to the new officers? The Mayor of Greater Manchester had pledged 320 extra Police across the city region which should have resulted in an extra 32 here in Stockport.

Speaking at a recent Council meeting, Liberal Democrat Group Leader, Cllr Mark Hunter demanded to know how many extra Police officers were in post and said that local people should get what they have already paid for.

Cllr Hunter commented “Local people want to know why we are still waiting for the increased Police presence that we were promised last year. At a time when concerns over crime levels continue to grow it’s about time that Labour-led Stockport and the Combined Authority got their act together and delivered on their pledge. The Lib Dems will continue to campaign for safer streets until they do!”

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