Labour “asleep at the wheel” as Council gets in local shopping muddle

Local Liberal Democrats fully support the idea behind the new “One Stockport” campaign, but the mishandling of its launch has been another clear example of the current Labour administration’s ineptitude.

Posters encouraging people to shop in districts away from their own area is just one example of where this opportunity to do good by local businesses has fallen flat at the first hurdle, apparently without proper leadership or attention to detail from the Labour cabinet.

Residents and shop keepers in Romiley and Cheadle Hulme have been left unimpressed by the efforts so far to increase footfall, mainly as shoppers were encouraged to go elsewhere by One Stockport posters.

Cllr Mark Roberts, Scrutiny Chair for Communities and Housing and who represents Bredbury Green and Romiley, said: “It highlights that yet again the current Labour administration are asleep at the wheel. I completely understand the anger of local shop keepers who have worked really hard to get our community through the Covid Lockdown only to have their local shoppers ‘signposted’ to other district centres. “

“I absolutely support the ethos behind the idea, shopping local, working together as we have been doing throughout the pandemic. I’ve felt very proud of my community but this poster fiasco has felt like a kick in the teeth that could have been avoided with better oversight from the current Labour administration. Some residents think it is a terrible waste of money to have launched the campaign in such an ineffective way, given the current financial position the council finds itself in.”

“Apparently there are posters like this across the borough. I’d love to know where the ones encouraging people to shop and support the brilliant businesses here in Romiley are! There are also many great shops in Bredbury and across the borough that will have dropped off this campaign as they are not in a district centre. I’d encourage everyone to think big, support local businesses and Shop Locally, particularly using those shops on your doorstep.”

Cllr Mark Hunter, Leader of the Liberal Democrats in Stockport and who represents Cheadle Hulme South, added: “As councillors the Liberal Democrats have always encouraged people to Shop Local and to support local business. They have kept us going during a very difficult time, supporting the community wherever they can through lockdown. It is absolutely right that we now continue to support them as much as we can in return.

“But details matter and Labour have been found wanting yet again. After four years in power they still seem to be unaware of where places like Romiley and Cheadle Hulme are. If they can’t manage to put a few posters up properly, what hope is there that they can run the Council effectively?”

Photographs show Cllr Mark Roberts with the poster recently installed and then incorrectly replaced in his Ward.

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