Stockport Lib Dems remain opposed to Greater Manchester housing plan

Following the publication earlier today of the final proposals for the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework, Liberal Democrat councillors at Stockport Town Hall have re-stated their determination to vote against the plans when they are put before a special meeting of the Council in November.

The Liberal Democrats, with 26 councillors – exactly the same number as the minority Labour administration, have consistently opposed the plan because of the damage they fear it will do to the Green Belt. Instead, the Lib Dems have been strong advocates of Stockport’s own Local Plan which, they say, could facilitate new homes where they are needed and protect valuable green spaces at the same time.

Cllr Mark Hunter, Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group, “We have always argued that these proposals were fundamentally flawed from the very start. They amount to nothing less than a gilt edged invitation to developers to come and cherry pick the most valuable sites in our area. We recognise the need for new homes, but they must be must be in the right places. Green Belt is a special resource and once the Council allow developers to build on it, it is gone for good – we ought to be protecting it for future generations to enjoy”.

Stockport Council will host a special meeting on November 17th to decide it’s position on GMSF. The current composition of the Council is Labour 26, Liberal Democrat 26, Conservatives 8 and Independent Ratepayers 3.

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