A message from Cllr Mark Hunter, Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group, Stockport MBC

As the Liberal Democrats emerged from the local elections on 6th May as the largest single party, we reached out, over the weekend, to all Groups now on the council with a view to forming a minority Lib Dem administration. Given the outcome of the elections, we were optimistic of a consensus around this positive way forward.

What seems to have become clear in the past 24 hours, however, is that some kind of Labour/Conservative agreement has been formulated, the details of which have not been shared with us, and we now await further developments at the informal council meeting on Thursday of next week.

If the council were to remain under a Labour-led administration, this would be the first time Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council was led by anything other than the largest single party since it was formed in 1974. Labour were also the only group to move backwards in terms of number of seats last week.

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