Lib Dems say that 20’s Plenty in Stockport

The Liberal Democrats are presenting a motion to the next meeting of the Full Council calling for residential roads across Stockport to be 20mph, in an effort to improve road safety and tackle issues of air quality.

Cllr Mark Roberts of Bredbury Green and Romiley said: “On the doorsteps we have found that slowing the speed that people drive on our residential roads is a big issue for residents. Many years ago the Lib Dems brought in a policy of 20mph outside schools when we ran the council, and now we want to see the widespread adoption of slower speeds on the roads we live on too.

“Given the on-street parking across the borough that compresses traffic, 30mph can just seem too fast and a slower speed limit could help save the lives of many loved pets and help protect children. Residents should be able to reclaim their street from the cars which race down them.

“As the administration in waiting, we will use the channels available to us to encourage the current Labour Cabinet to take the issue seriously, including presenting a motion at the July Council Meeting backed by a petition that residents can sign, and I hope the other political parties will support us on this important issue.”

Cllr Jilly Julian of Cheadle Hulme North added: “Residents are constantly getting in touch about road safety related issues, and speed is top of the list of concerns. I believe that having a 20mph limit on appropriate residential roads is an important first step to reducing the instance of serious injuries and being able to make Stockport streets safer.

“Dangerous and inconsiderate parking, potholes, impassable footpaths and so on are among the factors contribute to vehicle and pedestrian accidents and injuries on residential streets, but the faster the vehicle, the less time there is to react to those hazards. Slower vehicles have a much better chance of seeing us and of us seeing them, with plenty of time to stay safe. By reducing speed, we reduce the ‘multiplier’ in terms of the likelihood of the accident happening and the impacts and consequences it may have.”

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