Lib Dems call for cross-party summit meeting with local police chief

Concerns over rising crime levels in Stockport were expressed by a number of councillors at last night’s meeting of Stockport Council. Cllr Mark Hunter, Liberal Democrat Group Leader, requested that the Council Leader convene a summit meeting with the new District Commander for Stockport, Chief Superintendent John Webster, as soon as possible.

Cllr Hunter pointed to the recent spike in crime statistics and said residents were increasingly concerned and worried by the increase in car crime and domestic burglaries in particular. Cllr Wilson agreed the request and committed to pursuing the concerns directly with the Chief Superintendent.

Speaking after the meeting, Cllr Hunter said “I’m pleased Cllr Wilson has agreed to my request and look forward to meeting our new Chief Superintendent. I think this issue is way too important for it to be left to individual politicians and political parties and I believe a genuine cross-party initiative to help the Police tackle crime in our area could pay dividends”.

“I also highlighted the fact that the Lib Dem nomination for the GM Police, Crime and Fire Panel is still unable to take his place on that committee despite being nominated almost five months ago. Since the meeting I learned that the GM Combined Authority sat on the Home Office paperwork to make this happen for nearly three months.

“We have been without representation on this panel and its predecessor body since May 2016 – it is no wonder there has been no effective scrutiny of the political management of our local police force.”

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