Stockport Council adopts Lib Dem proposals for more ambitious climate change action

At Stockport’s Full Council meeting last week, councillors voted in support of a Lib Dem motion, calling on the Labour Cabinet to be more ambitious in pursuing the Council’s Climate Action Now strategy.

Speaking after the meeting, Cllr Mark Roberts, Lib Dem Shadow lead for climate change and proposer of the motion, said: “We cannot afford complacency on the issue of climate change. It was a shame that the Labour group and most of their Conservative backers chose to try to derail the motion, but the desire for true leadership and ambition in tackling this issue won through in the end.

“The issue is too important to allow Labour to try and dismiss it as party political or to switch to simply patting themselves on the back. People see through that and there is simply too much at stake. We have been raising our concerns throughout the Climate Action Now process and it is telling that most of the members of that working group voted in support of our motion.

“A clear signal has now been given that the public expects more of the Labour Cabinet and they need to give officers the resources needed to make a real difference. If they don’t, a Liberal Democrat administration certainly would!”

Pictured, Cllr Mark Roberts beside the Mount Recyclemore sculpture at Stockport Exchange.

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