Hundreds sign petition to change speed camera criteria

Nearly 700 have signed Lisa Smart’s petition to update the guidelines for the use of speed cameras in Greater Manchester and beyond.

Currently, a fixed speed camera can only be considered when at least three separate collisions causing deaths or serious injury have happened on a 1 km stretch of road.

The guidelines are set by Government and implemented in Greater Manchester by the Safer Roads Greater Manchester Partnership.

Recently, the BBC’s Panorama programme reported that the road fatality rate has risen by five per cent – the first significant rise in 40 years.

Cllr Lisa Smart, Lib Dem parliamentary spokesperson for Hazel Grove, said: “The use of speed cameras is severely restricted by out of date Government guidelines. We believe that one serious injury on the road is one too many and we should not have to wait until a death to take enforcement action on dangerous drivers.”

Raising the issue at Stockport Council, Lisa Smart said “Cameras have been shown to reduce speeding by 70% and they also reduce the number who are killed or seriously injured by 42%. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents say: “Cameras Save Lives”. The criteria need to change.”

The petition can be signed at

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