Lib Dems meet with partners to address cost of living crisis

As one of a range of initiatives aimed at helping local residents through the current cost of living crisis, the Liberal Democrat administration at Stockport Town Hall recently held a cost of living roundtable event with local leaders from our public services, the voluntary, community and housing sectors and supported by officers of the council to discuss the best ways we can all help those most in need.

The event happened as a result of a council motion moved in July by Cllrs Tom Morrison and Lisa Smart on behalf of the Liberal Democrats that highlighted the challenges faced by our local communities and called for actions to help our residents.

Speaking after the event, Cllr Malcolm Allan, Cabinet Member for Finance and Resources, said: “This well-attended event highlighted the need for the council to provide a leadership and coordination role, pulling together the wide range of support that already exists and looking for more ways we can help. So far this has included a special initiative to encourage pension credit take-up and grants to enable local community organisations to join our Warm Spaces scheme. There is much more to do, and we will build on the success of this event to provide the support our residents need.”

Cllr Lisa Smart, Lib Dem councillor for Bredbury Green and Romiley and parliamentary spokesperson for Hazel Grove, said: “In calling this summit, we wanted to do everything we could to stand up for the people of Stockport as they face the Cost of Living Crisis. By working together with local charities, businesses and the council, we will do as much as we can locally, while continuing to call on the Conservative government at a national level to take action to stop people suffering this winter.”

Cllr Tom Morrison, Lib Dem councillor for Cheadle Hulme North and parliamentary spokesperson for Cheadle, added: “The root cause of this crisis is a government that has let the economy get out of control, seeing interest rates and inflation soaring, and they have not responded appropriately to the energy bill crisis. Recent changes at the top have just added to this chaos. Our residents need urgent support and protection but it looks likely that the government will soon announce swingeing cuts to public services, including councils. We desperately need a clear approach to fix our economy and rebuild all public services, but this government seem set to do the opposite.”

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