Liberal Democrats report on the first, local scrutiny review of sewage in rivers and waterways

At this week’s meeting of Stockport’s Liberal Democrat Cabinet, a report was received from the Werneth Area Committee following a local scrutiny review they conducted into sewage discharges into rivers and waterways. The Cabinet welcomed this report and endorsed its findings and recommendations.

Speaking after the meeting, Cllr Lisa Smart, Parliamentary Spokesperson for Hazel Grove Constituency and Chair of the local review, said: “There are local people who want to swim in our rivers, who want to allow their children or pets to paddle in our rivers and they are simply not clean enough for that to be encouraged or for wildlife and nature to thrive. The state of local rivers and the situation being allowed to”persist where it is acceptable for water companies to pump sewage into them – as a norm rather than just as an exception – is a disgrace.

“National government must change the law to stop this and it must enforce the laws that already exist.”

Cllr Tom Morrison, Parliamentary Spokesperson for Cheadle Constituency and Councillor for Cheadle West and Gatley, added: “This is an issue that impacts Cheadle as well as Hazel Grove and we share the same concerns as our Liberal Democrat colleagues on the other side of the borough.

“Water companies should be transparent with the data about sewage pollution, and that includes letting local people know that their rivers aren’t safe to swim in and when there have been sewage outflow events locally. They need to invest, and invest quickly, in building a water system that is fit for today.”

At the meeting the Cabinet welcomed the report and fully endorsed its findings and recommendations.

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