Stockport Liberal Democrats commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day 2024

Stockport Liberal Democrats will join others in marking this year’s Holocaust Memorial Day on 27th January. This year, the theme is ‘the Fragility of Freedom’- we will remember those who faced the erosion and removal of their freedoms before becoming victims of genocide. It further reminds us to not take our own freedoms for granted.

Stockport Council are marking the occasion on Wednesday 31st January with a commemorative event at Stockport War Memorial, where Cllr Mark Hunter, Leader of the Council, will be giving a reading.

Speaking ahead of the commemoration, Cllr Hunter said: “It is an honour to represent the Council at such a solemn yet vital event. We will be thinking of those who had their freedoms restricted, then removed, before their murder. We will also remember those who risked their own freedoms in attempts to help others, to preserve others’ freedom or to stand up to the perpetrating regime.”

Cllr Hunter added: “It’s vital that we never forget the horrifying level of cruelty and pain caused by the Holocaust. We mark Holocaust Memorial Day at a time when our values are challenged every day across the world. By remembering this, we vow to continue to challenge antisemitism, prejudice and intolerance while we pledge not take our own freedoms for granted, and consider what we can do to protect and strengthen freedoms of others around the world.

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