Residents warned: Watch out for Labour Lies

Stockport deserves better than this

Residents have been warned to treat Labour claims with caution after they resorted to outright lies in the recent election campaign.

In Stockport, Labour were criticised for their negative campaign and for offering residents no vision or ideas about how they think Stockport should be run.

This has led to suspicions that their plans involve severe cuts of the kind imposed by next door Labour-run Manchester city Council with the hope that voters would blame the Coalition government.

Labour announced the slashing of thousands of jobs and closed services throughout the City.  They blamed the coalition for the cuts, but the Council had £100 million sat in its bank account and were slammed from across the political spectrum for putting political point scoring ahead of residents.

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Local elections 2012: Results

Number of councillors on Stockport Council for each party

Stockport Liberal Democrats are extending a ‘thank you’ to residents for their support following the local elections this month.

Councillor Sue Derbyshire was re-elected in Manor ward with more than 44% of the vote, although with just a 24 vote majority over Labour.

Sue was also elected by her fellow councillors to become Leader of the Council.  Liberal Democrats remain the largest party in Stockport.

Following the vote, Sue thanked Stockport residents and reaffirmed her commitment to making sure Stockport Council keeps delivering excellent services in the borough.

In Davenport and Cale Green ward Ann Smith received a record 13% swing from Labour’s 2011 result.  Although Ann lost her seat on the Council in a narrow win for Labour, Ann has promised to keep on campaigning in the area.

Labour’s councillors for the ward live as far away as Reddish and Woodley.  Ann has promised to keep campaigning in the area to make sure Labour’s councillors don’t take voters for granted.

Detailed results for each ward in Stockport borough can be found by clicking here.

Have Your Voice heard on May 3rd: What Liberal Democrats offer YOU

Liberal Democrats are proud of their strong record in the running of Stockport Council

Elections are being held across Stockport tomorrow to decide who should run Stockport Council.

Liberal Democrats believe that in difficult times we must make sure we do all we can to help ordinary working people.

That is why, unlike Labour or the Conservatives, every Liberal Democrat council in England has frozen council tax. It is why Liberal Democrat councils are more likely to earmark funds for the lowest paid than any other.

And it is why this month Liberal Democrats in Government are delivering tax cuts for 25m working people.  A cut for millions, not for millionaires.

According to the Local Government Chronicle, Liberal Democrat run councils were more than two times likely to give the lowest paid workers a pay rise compared to Labour, and five times more likely than Conservative run councils.

Only Lib Dem council’s have frozen Council tax.  In Stockport this is for the second year running.  It is a small, practical way to help residents in tough economic times.

In Stockport, Liberal Democrats have overseen an 11% increase in the number of new Business Start-ups – the highest of anywhere in the North West.  Stockport out-performs every neighbouring Labour council on new apprenticeships.

Lib Dem Stockport Council has kept all libraries open.  Labour’s Manchester City Council has slashed thousands of jobs, closed almost all public loos and many libraries – all while keeping £100million tucked away in its bank account.

They aren’t alone.  In Liverpool, the council’s cash reserves are increasing to £121.7 million – enough to build four new secondary schools – while nurseries, libraries and leisure centres are stripped of funds.

More and more people are experiencing Labour’s disastrous record at local level.

One Labour Council planned to spend £120,000 on an executive wine terrace for its headquarters. Liberal Democrats blocked it.

Manchester’s Labour councillors voted against the pupil premium – that’s the Lib Dem policy that directs money directly towards poorer children, which in Stockport alone has delivered £2.6m extra for local schools.  Stockport Academy got nearly £100,000 extra.

Stockport has an ‘Excellent’ Council – but more needs to be done.  That’s why Stockport  Lib Dems are working hard to promote businesses in the Borough;  to improve our town centre – the Grand Central revamp is just the beginning – and to deliver a cleaner, greener, safer Stockport.

Ann to HGVs: Respect Stockport’s Roads

Lib Dem Councillor Ann Smith has started a petition against HGVs abusing local road limits.

Unlike Labour’s Councillors for the Davenport and Cale Green area, Ann lives right in the heart of the ward.  She sees first hand the disruption megalorries cause on local roads.

That is why Ann fought for HGV limits and is now fighting so that they are enforced, just as residents were promised.

Residents wanting to sign her petition and help support Ann’s campaign can do so by e-mailing