100 Apprentices in…50 days!

Staff and apprentices of Kids Allowed on Buxton Road, with local Lib Dem councillors Daniel Hawthorne and Patrick McAuley
Staff and apprentices of Kids Allowed on Buxton Road, with local Lib Dem councillors Daniel Hawthorne and Patrick McAuley

100 apprentices in 100 days – that was the challenge taken on as part of a summer campaign by Stockport Council and the National Apprenticeship Service (NAS).

But this number was reached within JUST 50 days! The Council and NAS will continue to run the campaign until the end of the
100 days to see what figure can be achieved.

Cllr Daniel Hawthorne commented: “I am delighted to see another 100 local young people starting their training and learning skills. This ground breaking initiative will help our young people gain confidence and get their first experience of work, whilst local employers will benefit from apprentices’ new ideas and hard work.”

The Liberal Democrats launched a national ‘A Million Jobs for a Stronger Economy’ campaign this summer highlighting the successes the Liberal Democrats have had in helping to create more than a million private sector jobs since coming into Government and our determination to help create a million more.

The first phase of the campaign is a major apprenticeships drive. The party’s ambition is to double the number of companies offering apprenticeships from 100,000 to 200,000.

See more about the Liberal Democrats job campaign on www.amillionjobs.org.

Vince Cable backs Stockport’s 100 Apprentices in 100 Days Campaign

Vince Cable Backing Stockport Apprenticeships
Vince Cable Backing Stockport Apprenticeships

Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills Vince Cable visited Stockport to support the Council’s new ‘100:100’ Apprenticeship scheme.

The Council, in partnership with the National Apprenticeship Service (NAS), launched the scheme to encourage Stockport employers to take on 100 apprentices in 100 days.

Mr Cable was visiting the site of a Kids Allowed centre to be opened on Buxton Road in September. Kids Allowed is a childcare provider with its own Apprenticeship Academy employing 35 apprentices across Greater Manchester and Cheshire. Kids Allowed will be creating eight apprenticeships in Stockport during the 100 apprenticeship ‘window.

Councillor Shan Alexander, Executive Member for Lifelong Learning and Achievement at Stockport Council, said: “Following the great success of our 50:50 Apprenticeship Grant Schemes in recent years, Stockport Council has launched a 100 Apprenticeships in 100 Days scheme with the NAS. This ground breaking initiative will help young people in the borough gain confidence and get their first experience of working for a local organisation which in turn will boost the local economy.”

‘Safer In Stockport’ Summer Campaign

Cllr Sue Derbyshire oversees crushing of 30 illegal bikes
Cllr Sue Derbyshire oversees crushing of 30 illegal bikes

Stockport Council and Greater Manchester Police, working together in the Safer Stockport Partnership, are holding a month long initiative aimed at reducing crime and anti-social behaviour across Stockport.

The ‘Safer in Stockport’ initiative was launched with the crushing of 30 off-road motorcycles that have been seized by the Police.

These motorcycles have been confiscated under Police powers for being driven illegally on public roads, for causing damage to public spaces and for creating nuisance to residents, which is one of the main complaints received over the summer.

Councillor Sue Derbyshire, Leader of Stockport Council said: “We are working in partnership with Greater Manchester Police and its partners to show residents that Off-Road motorcycles are dangerous and cause a lot of noise and disruption to others. This event will hopefully show members of the public that you can have a motorcycle as long as you ride it legally and in a safe way.”

See more about the SSP and the ‘Safer in Stockport’ initiative on their website visit or call 0161 474 3143 or follow on Twitter @SaferStockport.

Crime Down in Stockport

Crime has fallen in Stockport every years since 2003
Crime has fallen in Stockport every years since 2003
The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has released the latest crime figures data, broken down by both type of crime and area.

Stockport’s figures show that recorded crime in Stockport more than halved between March 2003 and March 2013 falling 54%.

Specific areas of crime that came down in that time include

• Criminal damage and arson down 60%
• Domestic burglary down 60%
• Fraud down 67%
• Robbery down 65%
• Vehicle offences down 71%
• Violence with injury down 47%

Exceptions to the trend include sexual offences, reported up 2%,”Violence without injury” has also gone up, a category that includes assault without injury but also possession of weapons and harassment.

Away from the raw statistics, the Crime Survey of England & Wales confirms the falling trend.

But more needs to be dene to combat crime in Stockport. That is why the Council helped create the Safer Stockport Partnership to work closely with the Police and other key agencies in the borough to make sure the trend downwards continues.

Permanent Library for Bridgehall

Affter the £25,000 investment, Bridgehall's permanent library will be opening soon
Affter the £25,000 investment, Bridgehall’s permanent library will be opening soon

Bridge Hall WILL be getting a permanent library, after the massive response from local residents backing the local Lib Dem Focus team’s local petition.

Changes to the existing Community Centre have already begun. When it opens this autumn, Bridge Hall Library will have four computers with free internet access for residents as well as approximately 2,000 books.

“We care passionately that Bridge Hall residents are treated as well as any other in Stockport,” said John Reid. “The £25,000 local investment will give residents a full library service similar to other areas in Stockport, with everything from local reading groups to kids’ bounce and rhyme sessions.”

The library will be open every day during the week , but the Lib Dem Focus team is pushing for some evening and Saturday opening as well, and will report back in Focus and e-Focus about whether they can achieve this.

To receive e-Focus, an occasional e-mail update on what is happening in your community, just email your name and address to efocus@stockportlibdems.org.uk.

Unemployment falls again in Stockport

Lib Dem policies Stockport
Lib Dem policies at local and national level have led to a 60% increase in Stockport apprenticeships

Unemployment figures out this week show another fall in unemployment in Stockport.

Stockport’s unemployment rate is now down to 3.3%.  This compares favourably with the overall 4.8% figure for Greater Manchester, the 4.3% figure for the North West and the 3.8% figure for the whole of the UK.

Significantly, youth unemployment is also down.  The JSA claimant rate for 16-24 years olds was down 3.9% and the 18-24 age group down 4.2%.  The results are good news for Stockport’s apprenticeship work, in conjunction with the Lib Dem policy pushed in government to boost apprentice numbers.

The results of this work mean that 6,290 new apprenticeships have been created in Stockport since 2010, a 60% rise on the apprenticeships created in Stockport under the last government.