Police & Crime Commissioner Elections – Today

PCC elections
Matt Gallagher leading from the front in the fight against organised crime

Today is your chance to vote for a Police and Crime Commissioner serving Stockport and the rest of Greater Manchester.

The election here is expected to be between former Stockport Police Inspector Matt Gallagher and Labour’s former MP for central Manchester.

Call the local team if you need a lift to vote on this chilly November day!

Opinion polls show that voters across the UK want someone with Police experience to be the first Police and Crime Commissioners.

Matt joined the Greater Manchester Police in 1978.  He served for thirty years, constantly on frontline policing duty, rising to the rank of inspector.

First responder to the Manchester bomb, his no nonsense approach to both drug gang violence and racism and bullying within the police, his leadership in tackling some of the most serious outbreaks of violence in the cities recent history, and involvement in solving some of its most notorious murders, are just some of the hallmarks of an extraordinary career.

Matt has been married to Rhonda since 1981 and has two grown-up children. His son Will is a Royal Marine Commando and daughter Olivia is a Mobile Carer in South Manchester. Matt has two grandsons, Alfie and Leo. Since retirement he has been an active member of the Liberal Democrats.

See more about Matt at his website:


Residents warned: Watch out for Labour Lies

Stockport deserves better than this

Residents have been warned to treat Labour claims with caution after they resorted to outright lies in the recent election campaign.

In Stockport, Labour were criticised for their negative campaign and for offering residents no vision or ideas about how they think Stockport should be run.

This has led to suspicions that their plans involve severe cuts of the kind imposed by next door Labour-run Manchester city Council with the hope that voters would blame the Coalition government.

Labour announced the slashing of thousands of jobs and closed services throughout the City.  They blamed the coalition for the cuts, but the Council had £100 million sat in its bank account and were slammed from across the political spectrum for putting political point scoring ahead of residents.

If you want a claim investigated, e-mail info@stockportlibdems.org.uk.

Stockport Succeeds in Portas Bid

Stockport has successfully bid to become a ‘Portas Pilot’.

Mary Portas, from the BBC series ‘Mary Queen of Shops’ carried out an independent review of high streets last year and is working with the Government to offer extra help to towns with the most innovative ideas to boost their high streets.

Stockport’s bid focused on encouraging specialist shops, markets and creative industries within the historic Markets and Underbanks area of the town centre.

Councillor Sue Derbyshire, Leader of Stockport Council, said: “This is fantastic news for Stockport. It’s a testament to the enthusiasm, commitment and inspiration of local businesses, market traders, organisations and residents, who worked with the council to make ours a winning bid.

“But this is only the start. Work establishing our new ‘town team’ – made up of all the town centre partners- has already begun. They will work hard to get the best for the town centre, reduce the number of empty shops and develop an exciting new cultural quarter around our unique historic market area.

“Today’s news and the work already underway on office quarter Grand Central and plans for a new town centre leisure development, means exciting times ahead for Stockport.”


Ann to HGVs: Respect Stockport’s Roads

Lib Dem Councillor Ann Smith has started a petition against HGVs abusing local road limits.

Unlike Labour’s Councillors for the Davenport and Cale Green area, Ann lives right in the heart of the ward.  She sees first hand the disruption megalorries cause on local roads.

That is why Ann fought for HGV limits and is now fighting so that they are enforced, just as residents were promised.

Residents wanting to sign her petition and help support Ann’s campaign can do so by e-mailing hgvpetition@stockportlibdems.org.uk.