Residents Support Lib Dem stance on future of Offerton School site

Sue Derbyshire and Offerton School
Councillors Sue Derbyshire and Daniel Hawthorne are looking for residents' views on the future of the site

Residents have said ‘no’ to a proposal to allow the Offerton school site in Manor ward to be used as a gypsy and traveller site.

Residents were consulted for their views, and backed the view of Councillors Sue Derbyshire and Daniel Hawthorne that it was not suitable for a gypsy/travellers’ park and also that the entire site should remain in the Green Belt. 

Further consultation will be held with residents during this year to develop a planning brief that will define what would be suitable for the site.

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Ann Gets Quick Action on Stockholm Mess

Ann Smith acted quickly after flyers were strewn over Stockholm Road recently.

The littering had been caused following a break in at the local ‘Dairy Crest’ dairy.

Ann got action from the Council to ensure it was cleaned up immediately, and an agreement from Dairy Crest that they will clean up any similar incidents in future.

“The flyers were strewn all over the road and needed to be resolved quickly,” said Ann. “Residents can let the local Lib Dem team know if anything similar happens on their street and we will do our best to get a solution as quickly as possible.”

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Sue Derbyshire: 1,000 Doors and Counting

Sue Derbyshire has knocked on 1,000 doors in Manor ward since September speaking to residents about their views

Since September, Manor councillor Sue Derbyshire has been knocking on Manor ward’s doors with her local Residents Survey – listening to local people’s priorities and concerns.

Sue told residents:  

“Thank you for the friendly reception and for taking the time to fill in the survey. I am hoping to cover most parts of the Manor Ward over the next few months. 

● “Potholes” and “dog fouling” were the most common issues mentioned as requiring action. 

● A remarkable 90% of you say you feel safe in your local neighbourhood – although there are small pockets where crime or anti-social behaviour causes concern.

● Many of you have no major concerns and expressed appreciation at what I and the FOCUS team are trying to do.”

Sue has been working hard to deal with local concerns, with much success – although some problems will take longer to sort out. These will of course be reported in the regular issues of Focus that are delivered by volunteers in the local area.

If you can spend some time to deliver some Focus newsletter, use the Contact form to get in touch or join the team on the section above!

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Ann Issues Petition on Wellington Grove Parking

Ann has spoken to residents on Wellington Grove about the parking issue there

Cllr Ann Smith, who represents the Davenport and Cale Green ward containing parts of Shaw Heath, has written an urgent letter to residents in Shaw Heath about a petition on resident only parking.

Ann was contacted by residents concerned about problems with the number of cars parking on Wellington Grove, particularly near the junction with Shaw Heath.

These problems have knock on effects further up Wellington Grove, as well on Crosby Road and Cale Road.

Ann told residents in her letter that “The local businesses on Shaw Heath are very important to us here, but they need to be fair about staff parking on residential roads. Especially when there is ample parking already in the Shaw Heath area.”

Ann proposed a Residents Permit parking scheme on Wellington Grove to solve the problem.  But she wants residents to have their say on whether they want this scheme to be adopted.

Permit Parking Schemes prevent the long term parking of vehicles owned by non-residents by providing space where only residents and their visitors can park.

Ann asked residents to have their say via a petition enclosed with the letter.  Residents can print a copy of this petition by clicking here, or e-mail their details to:

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Labour Block Woodbank Nursery Consultation

Manor's Lib Dem team have been fighting for the consultation of residents

The planned consultation on the future of the nursery site in Woodbank Park – involving everyone with an interest in the park – has been further delayed after action from Labour Councillors.

The park serves people all over Manor ward and it is important that lots of local people and groups that use the park have a say in the future of the nursery site.

This is why Manor Lib Dem Councillors Sue Derbyshire and Daniel Hawthorne wanted the Council to issue a consultation document to ensure these key stakeholders had their say.

But Labour Councillors representing Edgeley, Cale Green, and elsewhere in Stockport, blocked the plan.  They wanted a costly referendum-style poll, but for just the neighbours of the Park.

Cllr Daniel Hawthorne said: “One consultation document for all interested parties would have been preferable – but councillors from Edgeley, Cale Green and elsewhere outvoted the Manor councillors present.”

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Don’t be Kept in the Dark!

Lib Dems lead on fight to keep streetlights lit
Stockport's Lib Dem team are working hard to fight proposals to dim or switch off streetlights in the town

Lib Dem councillors Sue Derbyshire, Ann Smith and Daniel Hawthorne are fighting a plan from opposition councillors at the Town Hall to switch off alternate street lights in Stockport to save money.

Local Lib Dems have slammed the Tory proposal to switch off or dim alternate street lights.  One Conservative has even suggested that Stockport should be a pilot area for such a scheme. 

“Not only would this not save money, as dimming each light would itself cost hundreds, but it would make cyclists and pedestrians in the area more vulnerable,” said Ann.

“Stockport has already saved thousands in this area by changing to low energy bulbs and should continue with this policy. We will fight any plans to dim local lights.” 

Since launching the campaign and making residents aware of the debate in the regular Focus leaflets, Residents have responded with massive support. One described it as a ‘silly idea’ and an elderly resident said that she was ‘very worried’ about lights being switched off or dimmed near her.

Residents who want to have their say on the issue can contact us via e-mail on Please let the team know what you think about the plan.

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