Lib Dem Council Motion calls for Police 101 Action

Stockport Liberal Democrats will call for action to make it easier to report non-emergency crimes in a motion at Stockport Full Council on Thursday. If passed, the motion will see Stockport Council writing to Mayor Andy Burnham, who is responsible for policing in Greater Manchester, calling for a review into how the system can be improved.

Cllr Iain Roberts, proposing the motion, said “Every week I am contacted by residents who have witnessed crimes or even been the victim of crime, but have not been able to report it. In 2017 it can’t be right that our only option for reporting non-emergency crimes is to call 101 and wait on the phone – sometimes for an hour or more. As the person in charge of Greater Manchester Police, Andy Burnham needs to get a grip on this.”

Greater Manchester Police’s own figures show that 23% of 101 calls were abandoned in June of this year, up from 17% in May.

Cllr Mark Weldon, who is seconding the motion, said “Every call that the Police are unable to answer is a crime that goes unreported and intelligence that the Police miss out on.”

One in two areas in North West, including Stockport, to see cuts to pupil funding this year

One in two areas in the North West will see school spending per pupil fall this year in real terms, analysis of government figures by the Liberal Democrats has found.

  • 11 of 23 local authorities in the North West will see per pupil funding fall in real terms (i.e. once inflation is taken into account) during 2017-18.
  • Local authorities hardest hit by the cuts include Blackpool (losing £93 per pupil), Salford (£84 per pupil) and Bolton (£78 per pupil)
  • Stockport will see a real-terms cut of £18 per pupil.

Layla Moran MP, Liberal Democrat Education Spokesperson, commented:

“Conservative school cuts are putting the futures of young people across the North West at risk.

“After the election the government promised to protect per pupil funding, but these figures show many areas are still set to lose out in real terms.

“We need an education system that broadens young people’s horizons and equips them with the skills they need to be part of the workforce of the future. This is something our government should be proud to invest in.

“Instead we are seeing school spending slashed, resulting in a narrowing curriculum and in dedicated, hardworking teachers being forced out of the profession they love.

“Ministers must urgently reverse these damaging cuts and invest to protect school budgets in real-terms.”

Motion calling for lifting the public sector pay cap passed by Stockport Council

Stockport’s Liberal Democrats were delighted to see their motion calling for a lifting of the public sector pay cap gain support at last night’s council meeting.

Speaking after the meeting, Cllr Mark Hunter, Leader of the Lib Dem Group at Stockport Town Hall and presenter of the motion, said: “An overwhelming majority of councillors voted to accept our motion, which called for the public sector pay cap to be lifted and for the costs associated to be met by government.

“With public services facing a recruitment crisis and public sector workers seeing their real wages slipping as inflation increases, we have sent a message to government that they need to act now to support our nurses, police, fire fighters, local government employees and the others we all depend upon each day to keep our country running.

“Despite their own Prime Minister indicating movement on this in recent days, it was very disappointing to see that the local Conservative councillors failed to support our motion and, indeed, spoke out against our proposals to give public sector workers a fair deal.”

Championing bisexual awareness

Stockport Liberal Democrats are working to ensure that the needs of bisexual employees and residents are reflected in council training and that the annual Bi Visibility Day is marked by flying the bisexual pride flag and by lighting up the town hall in its pink, purple and blue colours.

Cllr Lisa Smart, Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group on Stockport Council, is delighted to propose a motion to this effect at the next Full Council meeting, written with support from members of BiPhoria, Manchester.

Cllr Smart, said, “As a society, we have definitely made progress on LGBT+ Equality over the past few decades but there is still a distance to travel.  On Thursday evening we will be talking about the barriers still faced by those members of our community who are bisexual.

“More than one in four bisexual employees hide their sexuality at work, compared with one in six among gay and lesbian employees. Bisexual people are more likely to experience mental health problems in general and are twice as likely to experience depression and/or anxiety.

“Often in the council chamber we can have robust debates and strong disagreements about issues. My hope is that we can unite and come together to support the bisexual members of our community, take some steps to celebrate the bisexual community and let them know that they are valued in Stockport.”

In the photograph below are Cllrs Lisa Smart and Mark Hunter along with Jen Yockney MBE, who received her honour for services to the bisexual community, with other Liberal Democrats, all holding the bisexual pride flag.



Stockport Liberal Democrats call for the Public Sector Pay Cap to be lifted

Amidst mounting speculation that the UK government may finally be prepared to act, Stockport Liberal Democrats have put forward a motion to a meeting of the Council on Thursday this week calling for the Public Sector Pay Cap to be lifted.

Currently all public sector workers, including nurses, police officers and local government workers are subject to a 1% cap on any pay rises, despite the fact that inflation is running at nearly three times that amount, and many families continue to struggle as a result.

Cllr Mark Hunter, Leader of the Lib Dem Group at Stockport Town Hall and mover of the motion, said “Frankly, it is a disgrace that public sector workers have been treated in this way for so long. When the cap was introduced, economic circumstances were very different, and it was only ever intended as a short term measure. Instead, the Conservative government have continued with the policy and many public sector workers find their pay is falling behind that of employees in the private sector, which is simply unfair.”

“We are calling on the government to do the right thing by the public sector and recognise the immense contribution of so many nurses, police officers and local government workers among others and give them a fair deal. It will simply not be good enough if government chooses to cherry pick individual groups of workers, it is about time they lifted the pay cap for all in the public sector, “ concluded Cllr Hunter

Lib Dems visit South Manchester Muslim Community Association

Last week Cllrs Mark Hunter and Lisa Smart were delighted to accepted an invitation to visit the South Manchester Muslim Community Association in Heaton Chapel and were very pleased to learn more about their activities and involvement in the community.

Lisa particularly enjoyed taking part in the calligraphy class and they both enjoyed seeing the facilities and learning about the Community Association’s work at first hand.