Stockport Liberal Democrats call for action on town centre

Speaking after further announcements of retail closures affecting Stockport Town Centre, Cllr Mark Hunter, Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group, called for urgent action from Stockport Council. He said: “It is clear we need to up our game and not just let this happen around us. We need to respond to the changing pattern of retail with radical ideas and vision.

“Now we should be thinking big and encouraging more residential development in the heart of the town, taking advantage of the excellent transport links. At a time when developers are increasingly targeting our valuable green belt, we need to ensure that the full potential of Stockport Town Centre is fully realised.

Cllr Lisa Smart, Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group, said: “Stockport Town Centre has great transport links and would make a fantastic location for more residential development. As the nature of the way we shop changes, we need bold thinking and strong leadership to drive our town forwards.”

Stockport Lib Dems pledge to freeze parking charges in district centres

Stockport Liberal Democrats have pledged to freeze parking charges in district centres if they regain control at the Town Hall following this summer’s elections.

Speaking about Labour’s proposals, Cllr Mark Hunter, leader of the Lib Dem Group, said: “Labour are proposing a huge hike in parking charges in places like Cheadle, Cheadle Hulme, Marple, and Romiley. In the district centres, they want to scrap the one-hour charge and replace it with a minimum two-hour charge instead, whilst in certain car parks near to railway stations they want to replace the current free parking with hefty charges.

“Labour’s own figures suggest this will mean over a third of the visits to our district shopping centres will cease, which would be a huge blow to our already hard-pressed local traders. The local representative of the Federation of Small Businesses has written to all councillors in protest, highlighting the dangers of this folly.

“Labour also forecast over a third of cars currently parking for free near the railway stations will no longer park there, which is likely to mean those cars will either get displaced to park on nearby residential roads or they will add to the commuter traffic already clogging our roads.

“Stockport’s Lib Dems have pledged to freeze the parking charges in our district centre and railway station car parks if we are returned to power in May.”

Greater Manchester Police facing £6.93m real-terms cut despite government smoke and mirrors

Greater Manchester Police are facing a real-terms cut of £6.93m next year, the Liberal Democrats have revealed.

Yesterday the government announced that core funding for police budgets will remain exactly the same as last year.

Taking into account inflation, that means Greater Manchester Police will face a real-terms cut of £6.93m.

The additional £270m of funding the government claims to be investing in the police nationally depends entirely on local Police and Crime Commissioners raising the police precept in their areas, which the Liberal Democrats have branded a “stealth council tax rise”.

Lib Dem Group Leader at Stockport Council, Cllr Mark Hunter commented:

“The Conservatives are ignoring calls from senior officers to increase investment in our police.

“The impact of this cut in police budgets will be felt in our communities and in our streets.

“With crime rising, the government should have increased police budgets in real terms.

“Even the Conservatives’ attempt at a stealth council tax rise won’t be enough to protect local police forces.

“I’m genuinely shocked that Ministers are ignoring the alarming rise in serious crime with this short-sighted decision.”

Labour fail to take decision over much-needed relief road

At its November meeting, Stockport’s Labour Cabinet failed to take a decision on whether to seek funding from the Department for Transport for the work needed to prepare a final business case for the A6 to M60 Relief Road, the final link in delivering the road part of the South East Manchester Multi Modal Study.

Whilst faced with a Group split down the middle on this issue, and in an apparent attempt to dodge the decision by sending it to the Full Council Meeting on 30th November, the Council Leader found that this decision could only be taken by the Labour Cabinet.

Instead, a note had to be circulated to Councillors on the morning of the meeting explaining that their role would be advisory only.

Speaking about this situation, Cllr Mark Hunter, Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group on Stockport Council, said: “We were in the ludicrous position of having a two and a half hours debate about an issue over which the Council Meeting has no decision making power. The Labour Leader of the Council has yet again shown that he freezes when faced with a difficult decision and that he does not understand the powers he has and the processes he should follow.

“The debate itself was very mature and the Council Meeting’s recommendation was to do what was blindingly obvious all along – seek funding for a full business case so that we can get a proper understanding of all of the costs and benefits of the proposed relief road.

“But the focus on this one issue meant that there was no time to hold the Cabinet to account, to debate motions on matters of importance to our residents, or to properly consider a huge contractual decision about waste disposal. All of this was cast aside or rushed through as the meeting ran out of time.”

Cllr Lisa Smart, Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group, added: “We know that there are residents who are desperate for an end to be in sight to the traffic congestion and pollution they face every day. We know there are other residents who are desperately worried about the impact of this bypass and want it stopped. The debate last night showed that the best way forward is to gather in the information needed to see whether a full business case stacks up.

“But this was already known nearly a month ago when the Labour Cabinet ducked this decision the first time. There will now be a third meeting in December when the Cabinet will re-visit this and do what they should have done a month earlier.

“The current window for government funding closes this month until next June, which could mean Labour’s failure to show leadership will result in yet further delays to this long awaited relief road.”

Response to Council consultation on the Information, Advice and Guidance service


Stockport Council ran a consultation on its website for residents to comment as part of plans to reduce spending on the Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) service in 2018/19.

The Liberal Democrat Group on Stockport Council responded to the questions in the following way.

  • We agree that advice drop-in sessions should be available at Fred Perry House on weekdays from 9.30am to 4.30pm.
  • We strongly agree that advice drop in sessions should also be available in selected community locations.
  • We believe that drop-in sessions should be available in Cheadle, Marple and Brinnington (a maximum of three locations could be given).
  • We strongly agree that appointments for more complex advice should be available in community locations.
  • We suggested that the three community locations where appointments should be available should be Cheadle, Marple and Brinnington.
  • We strongly agree that people who are able to self-serve using digital services should be encouraged to do so, enabling face to face services to be prioritised for the most vulnerable.
  • We strongly agree that home visits should be available for people with a physical or mental health issue which prevents them coming into Fred Perry House or a community location.

The Information, Advice & Guidance service offers vital support to residents across the borough of Stockport.

Improvements in the council’s online IAG over recent years are welcome and the Liberal Democrat group is keen to support further positive developments in this area. We should acknowledge, though, that however much work is done to encourage residents to use online services, some people will always need support either over the telephone or face to face. The council should continue to support residents who need that additional support and who are often our most vulnerable residents.

Stockport’s most vulnerable residents don’t all live in priority areas and IAG provision should continue in communities across the borough. There are pockets of deprivation and vulnerable residents across the borough and their needs should be addressed.

IAG is a service that can prevent problems from growing and from further costs being incurred further down the line. The Liberal Democrat group believes that a strong, well-supported IAG service is an important way to support the residents of Stockport.

Response from Department of Education to Lib Dem motion on age-appropriate sex and relationships education

At the Full Council Meeting on 30th March, the Liberal Democrat Group moved a motion calling for the government to provide appropriate support to schools to deliver age-appropriate, LGBT-inclusive, comprehensive relationships education (in primary schools) and sex and relationships education (in secondary schools).

The council have now heard back from the Department for Education. Whilst they are not committing to all of the things we called for – for example, ensuring faith schools and academies deliver this to a common standard – they do set out the government’s current thinking in this area.

The message is attached below.

Correspondence received from the Department for Education 30th-Mar-2017 18.00 Council Meeting