Twenty’s Plenty for Bracadale

The speed limit on Davenport’s Bracadale estate is to be lowered to 20 miles per hour.

John Reid is campaigning for more residents to be given the option of taking their roads down to 20mph limits.

20sPlentyLogoRoad charity RoSPA supports 20mph zones because the evidence shows it helps reduce injuries and casualties.

Even when unenforced by Greater Manchester Police, 20mph zones work in reducing the average speed of drivers by a few miles per hour. That might not sound like a lot but, if there’s an accident, it can make the difference between someone receiving a minor injury and them being very seriously injured – or worse.

Now a council committee has agreed to lower the speed limit on Bracadale Drive and adjoining roads.

“This is a positive move to make the Bracadale area that bit safer,” said John Reid.

Meanwhile Ann has written to local residents to update them on trees hanging from the neighbouring fishing club.

The trees were left to grow wild, into residents’ gardens and drives, until Ann raised the issue with club owners. Since then the trimming programme has kept the trees under control.