Stockport Local Elections 2014 – Full candidate list

Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council – Election 2014 – Candidate list.

Bramhall North

Pauline Banham               Lib Dem
Ray Jones                            UKIP
Elizabeth  Marron            Labour
Lisa Walker                         Tory

Bramhall South and Woodford
Anita Johnson   Tory
Ruth Kaiser         Labour
Jeremy Meal      Lib Dem
David Perry         UKIP

Bredbury & Woodley
Roy Driver           Labour
Richard Ellis         UKIP
Chris Gordon     Lib Dem
Sue Howard       Tory
Andy Webster   BNP

Bredbury Green & Romiley
Sally Bennett     Tory
Tony Dean          BNP
Mags Kirkham   Lib Dem
Brian Stayner     UKIP
Brian Wild            Labour

Brinnington & Central
Michael Buxton                UKIP
Colin Gell                             Lib Dem
John Heginbotham          Independent
Pat Leck                               Tory
Maureen Rowles             Labour
Brenda Waterhouse       BNP

Cheadle & Gatley
Grahame Bradbury         UKIP
Natasha Brooks                Green Party
Graham Haslam                Tory
Colin Owen                         Labour
Iain Roberts                        Lib Dem

Cheadle Hulme North
Sue Carroll                          Tory
Yvonne Guariento           Labour
Tony Moore                       UKIP
Michael Padfield              Green
June Somekh                     Lib Dem

Cheadle Hulme South
Stuart Bodsworth            Lib Dem
Chris Carter                        Labour
Paul Davies                         Tory
Cyril Peake                          UKIP

Davenport & Cale Green
Doreen Hopkins               UKIP
Phil Shaw                             Green
Ann Smith                           Lib Dem
Elise Wilson                        Labour
Julie Wragg                         Tory

Edgeley & Cheadle Heath
Philip Harding                    Labour
Danny Langley                   Lib Dem
Camilla Luff                         Green
Chris Pamp                         UKIP
Morag White                     Tory

Hazel Grove
Stuart Corris                       Lib Dem
Janet Glover                      Labour
Oliver Johnstone              Tory
Tony Moore                       UKIP
Rob Turner                         Green

Heald Green
Ann Moore                         UKIP
Adrian Nottingham         Independent Ratepayers
Kathryn Priestly                Labour
David Roberts-Jones      Lib Dem
Yvonne Salmons               Tory

Heatons North
Janet Cuff                           Green
Jenny Humphreys           Lib Dem
Rosalind Lloyd                   Tory
John Taylor                         Labour

Heatons South
Conrad Beard                    Green
Denise Brewster              Lib Dem
Natalie Fenton                  Tory
Tom McGee                       Labour
Sheila Spink                        BNP

Walter Barrett                   Labour
Daniel Hawthorne           Lib Dem
John Kelly                            UKIP
Beverely Oliver                 Tory
Buncan Warner                 BNP

Marple North
Geoff Abell                         Lib Dem
Annette Finnie                  Tory
Maggie Preston                Green
David Rowbottom           Labour
Chelsea Smith                   UKIP

Marple South
Kevin Dolan                        Labour
Susan Ingham                    Lib Dem
Bev Morley-Scott             Tory
Darran Palmer                   UKIP
Graham Reid                      Green

Dave Goddard                   Lib Dem
Bill Law                                 Tory
Harry Perry                         UKIP
Charlie Stewart                 Labour

Reddish North
Paul Ankers                        Lib Dem
Paul Bennett                      BNP
Anthony Hannay              Tory
David Wilson                      Labour

Reddish South
Alex Fenton                       Tory
Tom Grundy                       Labour
Jess Northey                      Green
Louise Shaw                       Lib Dem
Ged Williams                      BNP

Stepping Hill
Ken Pease                           Green
Janet Rothwell                  Labour
Mark Weldon                    Lib Dem
John Wright                        Tory

Stockport Liberal Democrats wishes the best of luck to all candidates taking part.

Local and European Elections 2014

Stockport Stronger_Fairer_-Email-generic_600x128px

The local and European elections shall be held on the 22nd of May 2014. Today is the deadline for potential local election candidates to submit their nomination forms to Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council. This means in the next few days residents can find out whom shall be standing in their ward.

Chris Davies, our award winning MEP, is re-standing for the European Parliament for the Liberal Democrats in the North West region.

If you would like to vote in the elections but are not yet registered please visit Stockport Council’s website for details on how to register or view the video below to view a link to a Greater Manchester website for advice on voter registration:

Police & Crime Commissioner Elections – Today

PCC elections
Matt Gallagher leading from the front in the fight against organised crime

Today is your chance to vote for a Police and Crime Commissioner serving Stockport and the rest of Greater Manchester.

The election here is expected to be between former Stockport Police Inspector Matt Gallagher and Labour’s former MP for central Manchester.

Call the local team if you need a lift to vote on this chilly November day!

Opinion polls show that voters across the UK want someone with Police experience to be the first Police and Crime Commissioners.

Matt joined the Greater Manchester Police in 1978.  He served for thirty years, constantly on frontline policing duty, rising to the rank of inspector.

First responder to the Manchester bomb, his no nonsense approach to both drug gang violence and racism and bullying within the police, his leadership in tackling some of the most serious outbreaks of violence in the cities recent history, and involvement in solving some of its most notorious murders, are just some of the hallmarks of an extraordinary career.

Matt has been married to Rhonda since 1981 and has two grown-up children. His son Will is a Royal Marine Commando and daughter Olivia is a Mobile Carer in South Manchester. Matt has two grandsons, Alfie and Leo. Since retirement he has been an active member of the Liberal Democrats.

See more about Matt at his website:

Public on PCC Elections – we want former Policeman not former Politician

Results of Public Opinion are clear

Polls open on November 15th to elect a Police Commissioner for Greater Manchester.

Opinion polls show that voters across the UK want someone with Police experience to be the first Police and Crime Commissioners.

Here in Greater Manchester the choice is between former Stockport Police Inspector Matt Gallagher and Labour’s former MP for central Manchester.

See more about what Matt would do if elected on Thursday at his website, and back his campaign to cut costs – not bobbies:

Our new Police and Crime Commissioner: Former Copper or Former Politician?

Matt Gallagher Lib Dem PCC
Matt Gallagher leading from the front in the fight against organised crime

Stockport Lib Dems are bacing former policeman Matt Gallagher in this month’s Police and Crime Commissioner elections in Stockport.

The elections on November 15th with postal voters receiving their ballots in the post soon.

The election in Greater Manchester is expected to be between former Stockport Police Inspector Matt Gallagher and Labour’s former MP for central Manchester.

“The last thing the job needs is another politician,” said Ann Smith.

“The Police Commissioner should have Police experience, and Matt Gallagher is the right man for the job.”

See more about Matt’s police career and what he will do for residents if elected, at his website: