Manchester Mayoral Candidate announced

Liberal Democrats chose Stockport Councillor Jake Austin to face-off against Andy Burnham in the Greater Manchester Mayoral Election.

Jake Austin, born and raised in Wigan and now settled in Stockport with his Husband Andy, has been nominated to represent Liberal Democrats across Greater Manchester in May’s upcoming Mayoral Election.

Liberal Democrats are pitching themselves as the progressive alternative to an inept Tory party and a Labour party that is fast becoming indistinguishable from them.

Commenting on his nomination, Jake Austin said he was “incredibly proud and humbled” to be representing Liberal Democrats across the region, while slamming the Labour party for being “too scared of losing an election to enact meaningful change”.

The newly selected candidate for Greater Manchester said:

“Greater Manchester deserves a Mayor who will fight its corner. Whether that’s fighting against the closure of our essential fire services, or fighting against United Utilities to stop sewage being dumped in our rivers.

Our great region is a diverse and welcoming set of communities that deserves a liberal alternative to a stagnant Labour administration and a Tory party that can’t be trusted as far as it can be thrown.

Liberal Democrats have proven how trusted we are in local communities across the region. Whether it’s Salford to Stockport, or Oldham to Manchester – Liberal Democrat campaigners are getting elected and making a difference, protecting our green belt, and fighting for local communities. I am proud to be representing every one of those in May’s election.

I look forward to showing the people of Greater Manchester why we are the progressive leadership our region needs.”