More affordable housing to be delivered

title-image-s106-affordable-housingStockport Liberal Democrats are delighted to announce that their strategy for Investing in Stockport has been acknowledged by central government as an extremely successful scheme. Stockport has been awarded £5.5 million for its affordable homes programme (a significantly higher amount than was expected. Cllr McAuley stated that, “There is a big demand for affordable homes in Stockport and of the 11 housing projects just completed 8 are 100% dedicated to affordable housing. I think this illustrates that the Liberal Democrats are serious about a fairer society.”

New Home for a Family in Stockport

Sue Derbyshire's initiative to give empty homes a new life produces local results
Sue Derbyshire’s initiative to give empty homes a new life produces local results

A Stockport family will benefit from a new fully refurbished home as a result of the Greater Manchester ‘Empty to Plenty’ Scheme.

As Chair of the Housing and Planning Commission, Stockport’ Sue Derbyshire launched the empty homes initiative across the whole of Greater Manchester.

The house in Lark Hill Road, Stockport, had been empty for over seven years before it was purchased and fully refurbished using funding made from available by ‘Empty to Plenty.’

It will now be offered to a family currently on the waiting list for a property in Stockport.

Fifteen properties throughout the Borough have been purchased and repaired as part of the Scheme, and funding has been secured for a further seven.