Bridgehall Library – open for business

John, Ann and Sue donated copies of their favourite books to the library for Christmas
John, Ann and Sue donated copies of their favourite books to the library for Christmas

Following a petition campaign by Ann Smith and Stockport Lib Dems, Bridgehall Library is now open at the Community Centre after its official opening by the Mayor of Stockport at the end of January.

Not only did the Labour councillors for the area vote against the opening of the library, one of them derided it as a so-called “library” just four days after the Library was officially opened by the Mayor of Stockport.

In fact, the Library at Bridgehall offers a ‘full library service’ with more than 2,000 books and DVDs to suit all ages and tastes and free internet access, with trained staff on hand to help people get online.

It had been hoped the library would open for Christmas. Ann Smith, John Reid and Sue Derbyshire each donated copies of their favourite books to the Library as Christmas gifts to mark its opening.

“Despite Labour putting tribal party politics before local facilities, this is a real win for Bridgehall”, said John Reid.

“People are quite angry that they again couldn’t rely on their Labour councillors. They should be backing the library in the ward they represent instead of degrading it to others.

“They should show some pride in Bridgehall.”

Permanent Library for Bridgehall

Affter the £25,000 investment, Bridgehall's permanent library will be opening soon
Affter the £25,000 investment, Bridgehall’s permanent library will be opening soon

Bridge Hall WILL be getting a permanent library, after the massive response from local residents backing the local Lib Dem Focus team’s local petition.

Changes to the existing Community Centre have already begun. When it opens this autumn, Bridge Hall Library will have four computers with free internet access for residents as well as approximately 2,000 books.

“We care passionately that Bridge Hall residents are treated as well as any other in Stockport,” said John Reid. “The £25,000 local investment will give residents a full library service similar to other areas in Stockport, with everything from local reading groups to kids’ bounce and rhyme sessions.”

The library will be open every day during the week , but the Lib Dem Focus team is pushing for some evening and Saturday opening as well, and will report back in Focus and e-Focus about whether they can achieve this.

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