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There are no unions with agendas or legions of ‘Nom-Doms’ propping up the Liberal Democrats.  We are just a party run and supported by people like you.

Join us!  Become a Supporter or Member today.

As a Member of the Lib Dems you can:

  1. Help make party policy.  Unlike the other parties, it is the Members of the Liberal Democrats that make our party policy.  Tax cuts for the low paid, free school meals for infants and the green investment bank:  all of these are policies that began life as ideas from members and ended up becoming government policy.
  2. Give your community a voice by campaigning in your local area. Liberal Democrats all over Stockport borough campaign on local issues the whole year round – not just at election time.  As a Member, you can help decide what we campaign o and make sure your voice is heard.
  3. Make the party your own.  Members vote for our party Leader, and for the Liberal Democrat election candidates in your ward and constituency.

Join here for as little as £1 a month.  Or email us at if you want to help the local team in a different way.


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