Millions Extra for Stockport Children

Stockport Academy will get more than £91,000 extra money for kids from disadvantaged backgrounds after Lib Dem work in Government

Millions of pounds in extra cash are coming to Stockport school children after a campaign victory for Liberal Democrats in the Coalition Government.

Lib Dems want to close the gap between children from rich and poor families.  Their manifesto called for a ‘pupil premium’ policy, which would pump £2.5 billion directly into schools with disadvantaged pupils.


The money would be used to confront the scandal that pupils from these backgrounds are three times less likely to achieve five good GSCEs than their more well-off classmates.

Lib Dems in Government have succeeded in making the premium a reality.  Now more than £2.6m of extra money will go straight into local schools here in Stockport.

Lib Dem Children & Families Minister Sarah Teather said “The Pupil Premium will benefit poorer pupils, providing extra money directly for those pupils who need it the most.

Tackling inequality

“This extra funding will help tackle inequality and enable schools to provide the extra support their pupils need to reach their full potential.”

Every school in Stockport will now get nearly £500 for every child on Free School Meals.

Stockport Academy will get an extra £91,744, Stockport School £65,880 and Adswood, Bridgehall and Banks Lane Primaries a share of an extra £115,144. 

The schools will decide for themselves how the money is spent, with options including cutting class sizes, extending school days or one-to-one tuition sessions.

“Instead of government targets, our schools will decide for themselves how the money is best spent for kids in our schools,” said Ann Smith.

“This is a great example of Liberal Democrat work at the local and national level coming together to help schools like ours in Stockport.”

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