Ann thanks Davenport Residents for their Rail Campaign Response

Hundreds of local residents have responded to Ann's petition. She is now campaigning for extra trains.

Ann Smith is thanking local residents for supporting her campaign to protect Davenport’s rail service.

After the report suggesting TfGM were trying to smuggle a reduction in the service to Davenport was published, Ann launched a petition fighting any reductions.

Her petition received hundreds of local signatures.

Meanwhile local Labour councillors have been accused of being “asleep at the wheel.” Many residents have said they should have acted quicker after the report was published.

Having done nothing about the report, Labour are now trying to downplay its contents.  They have claimed there was “no threat” to the service.

But the report was published on the Stockport Lib Dem website so that anyone can see why doing nothing was not an option.  Action was needed.  And many questions still remain about TfGM’s aims.

“Had residents not responded so quickly and so positively to the petition, TfGM may well have made another mess of the rail service to Davenport,” said Ann.  “We will continue to fight for improvements to our service at Davenport station and report back to residents.”

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